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From eye-catching illuminated signs to bespoke vehicle graphics and exhibition displays, we specialise in creating impactful branding solutions tailored to your unique needs.
Our popular Sign solutions

Stand out boldly with our unique signage solutions

Discover how our comprehensive signage services can elevate your brand’s visibility, leaving a lasting impact in the competitive market. From sleek office signage to eye-catching outdoor displays, our comprehensive range of signage services ensures your brand is seen and remembered.

Outdoor Signs

Amplify visibility, directing attention and defining businesses with impactful visuals.

Indoor Signs

Reinforce branding, enhancing interior spaces with informative elegance.

Shop Signs

Attract potential customers while inviting visitors with eye-catching displays.

Office Signs

Provide clear direction and professional branding within workplace environments.


The Power of Scale: Explore Large Format Printing Possibilities

Welcome to the realm of impactful large-format printing at Lotus Sign & Print! Whether it’s for business promotion, event advertisement, or simply making a statement, our high-quality large format printing services are designed to make your message stand out. From attention-grabbing outdoor banner to versatile roll-up banner stands and vibrant vinyl PVC posters, our broad range ensures your message commands attention, wherever it’s displayed.

vehicle graphics

Drive Your Brand’s Impact with Custom Vehicle Graphics at Lotus Sign & Print

From compact cars to robust trucks, our custom-made vehicle graphics are tailored to ensure your brand becomes an unforgettable sight on the road. Turn every commute into an advertising opportunity, capturing attention, amplifying brand recognition, and leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.

Why Choose

Personal and commercial services

We print for people, small businesses, organisations and big names all over the UK.

Huge Product Variety

Our constant investment in state-of-the-art machinery allows us to offer a large variety of products to our customers.

Professional Artwork Design Service

Whether you need a spectacular new logo, some stunning flyers or an attractive design for your banner or sign, our design team is here to help.

State Of The Art Technologies

We use state of the art technologies in the design and manufacturing of our products, allowing us to produce high-quality banners and signage.

UK Fast And Secure Shipping

We offer various delivery options for all our products and your orders to suit the needs of each and every one of our valued customers.


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What Our Clients Say

We are proud of providing exceptional service to our customers. Don’t just take our word for it. We have many clients willing to recommend our products and services.


Average Customer Rating

Cell Smash Gadgets Repair & Trade
Cell Smash Gadgets Repair & Trade
23. March, 2024.
Good people. Professional work.
Kulisha Hunter-Hamilton
Kulisha Hunter-Hamilton
15. March, 2024.
I am very impressed with the quality shop sign and high level of customer service support while actually designing both signs.
omar feezhan
omar feezhan
21. February, 2024.
Words can not do justice on how exceptional the team at Lotus Sign & Prints. They have gone out of the way to do an awesome job. Thank u for everything. Especially Javed.
S. Sheraz
S. Sheraz
29. January, 2024.
Friendly and professional service. Had some protest signs made on corrugated plastic board.
Munir Zafar
Munir Zafar
19. January, 2024.
I really highly recommend this place I ordered magnetic sign for taxi and now over 1 year didn't come off I had the same sign from different place which come off when is heavy rain Thank you very much 😊 M zafar
Sun Tropics
Sun Tropics
16. January, 2024.
WOW! Found on Ebay and couldnt believe the service. customer service amazing fast replies. Ordered and delivered my business fascia within 1 week to Heathrow airport area! 100% recommend!!
Hamayoun Khan
Hamayoun Khan
9. January, 2024.
Pure professional approach towards your business needs. Best results with best prices in area.
Vadivu Eswaran
Vadivu Eswaran
11. November, 2023.
What a fantastic experience with lotus sign and print company! The staff is not only skilled but also exceptionally humble. They take pride in delivering top-notch work and ensure that you receive your order on time. I was particularly impressed by their flexibility in meeting my customization requests. I’ll definitely be a returning customer!
john mason
john mason
1. November, 2023.
Wonderful service. Really helpful and friendly. We ordered 2 banners which were ready to pick up in 2days. Couldn't belive how quick they were ready Lotus print will be my go to for anything printed. The graphics and colours were outstanding.
Faye Momenzad
Faye Momenzad
24. October, 2023.
Very professional, helpful and friendly. Recommended him %100 👍 He done our shop signs and menus. Happy customer here 😊

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